Friday August 4 at 7pm

Manistee -- Old Friends is a stunning recreation of Simon & Garfunkel’s 1981 Concert in Central Park. Simon & Garfunkel's Concert in Central Park was one of the largest and most beloved concerts of all time. Although it was attended by over 500,000 people, most of us didn't have the opportunity to attend this amazing show. This upbeat 90 minute show will take the audience back in time to that cool September night in New York City when Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel reunited for a free concert.

Friday August 4 at 7pm

Traverse City -- Brotha' James is a musical force of nature. Your want to be a part of it.

Live performances by Brotha James tend to mesmerize audiences, marrying elements of one-man bands, family-friendly fan interactions, comedy and the circus.

Brotha' James will be joined by his brother Sean (of Funktion fame) for this performance.

Invite your friends and family. This is a rare and magical opportunity for all ages.

Changes beginning in 2017 concerning operation on 600 MHz frequencies. Beginning in 2017, the amount of TV band spectrum available for wireless microphone use is decreasing as a result of the incentive auction, which was completed on April 13, 2017. A significant portion of the TV band spectrum in the 600 MHz band, including most (but not all) of the spectrum on TV channels 38-51 (614-698 MHz), has been repurposed for the new 600 MHz service band for use by wireless services, and will not continue to be available for wireless microphone use.

We are currently booking our fall and early winter shows. If you and/or your band, are interested in performing at one of the venues we help manage entertainment for, please send a demo or link to,

The very best way for you to be notified when we have gig opportunities is to let us know about you. By connecting with us, you will be given the first opportunity to perform at a venue we help manage entertainment for.

Saturday, July 8 at 8pm

Traverse City--Paddlebots is a 7-piece musical experience based in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Their unique blend of soul, funk, jazz, and pop sensibilities can be defined simply as “Progressive Soul-Pop”. The soaring solos, tight rhythm and bass, and punctuating horn stabs that define their music is brought to its highest level in their electric live performances.

We welcome you to a full weekend of phenomenal Blues Music in Traverse City at the old railroad depot.

June 2nd at 8pm | The Sweetwater Blues Band

We open the weekend with Traverse City's Own "Sweetwater Blues Band" featuring Rhett DuCouer on the outdoor stage

June 3rd at 8pm | John Primer and the Real Deal Blues Band

Our headliner is the magnificent John Primer and the Real Deal Blues Band from Chicago.

Traverse City | Filling Station Microbrewery
Chris Sterr

Chris Sterr is a multifaceted guitar player and vocalist. With roots that run as far back as the delta and Chicago blues, to the Englishman whom reinvigorated it in the 1960's, to the experimental and improvisational sounds of Jeff Beck, Bill Frisell, John Scofield, to the uncompromising pop-rock sensibility of Ryan Adams and Beck, he embraces and performs a wide array of music.


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